a guide for first time parents

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  • What are some simple first-time parenting tips?

  • Read below for simple first-time parenting tips that you can easily tailor to your lifestyle during your baby鈥檚 first year! Babies typically don鈥檛 get very dirty, so luckily a thorough cleaning isn鈥檛 necessary! But just because the process isn鈥檛 thorough doesn鈥檛 mean it can鈥檛 be stressful. What soap do you use? Is the water too hot?

  • Why do you need a first-time parent checklist?

  • Having a first-time parent checklist in your back pocket will help you remember the basics and help you enjoy every precious moment during the first year with your new bundle of joy!

  • Why is it important for first time parents to understand birth plans?

  • This will enable first time parents to be able to make more informed decisions when it comes to their birth plan, and to ultimately minimize any worry or fears. Pregnancy is a different experience for each woman.

  • What should I have ready for my Baby’s first bath?

  • Have these items ready before bathing your baby: 1 a soft, clean washcloth 2 mild, unscented baby soap and shampoo 3 a soft brush to stimulate the baby’s scalp 4 towels or blankets 5 a clean diaper 6 clean clothes More …

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