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  • Can O Positive Parents have O-Negative kids?

  • Children who inherit an A-O combination will be type A, but, remember, they could still pass that O gene off to their children. As a result, their child could wind up as type O if the other parent passes them an O-type gene, too. That last fact explains how O-positive parents can have O-negative kids.

  • Why is my Son O Negative?

  • In this case, the most likely explanation is that dad is a carrier for being Rh- and mom is a carrier for blood type O. What happened was that dad and mom each passed both an O and an Rh negative to the baby. The end result is an O negative child. Each of their kids has around a 1 in 8 chance of having O negative blood.

  • What blood type is oo positive or negative?

  • The ‘o’ blood type is only oo genetically, but positive/positive or positive/negative for the rh gene. So if the a gives an a and a negative, and the o gives an o and a positive, the child will be a positive, because these are both dominant.

  • How parents influence on children can turn positive and negative?

  • Check out to know how parents influence on children can turn positive and negative: Negative parenting style can be detrimental to a child鈥檚 development and behavior. Children who are victims of bad parenting are two times more likely to misbehave in front of others. 1. Language:

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