are diane downs parents still alive

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  • How many children does Diane Downs have?

  • Diane Downs gave birth to four children. Her first three children with husband Steve are Stephen Danny Daniel (born 1979), Cheryl Lynn (born 1976) and Christie Ann (born 1974). Conflicting reports say Downs also acted as a surrogate during her fourth pregnancy, giving birth to a daughter after her trial in 1984.

  • Where did Diane Downs grow up?

  • Diane Downs was born Elizabeth Diane Frederickson, on August 7, 1955, in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S., to Wesley Linden and Willadene Frederickson. She claimed she had been molested by her father as a child. She attended the ‘Moon Valley High School’ in Phoenix.

  • What happened to Diane Downs’parents?

  • (DALLAS, Texas) – 30 years have passed, but the parents of Diane Downs, Wes and Willadene Frederickson, still remain hopeful that their daughter can find justice in Oregon’s courts for a wrongful conviction and life sentence.

  • Who is Steve Downs鈥檚 wife Diane Downs?

  • Who Is Diane Downs? Elizabeth Diane Frederickson Downs was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on August 7, 1955. After she graduated from Moon Valley High School, where she met her husband, Steve Downs, she enrolled at Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College in Orange, California.

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