are parenting classes free

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  • Are there free online parenting classes for new parents?

  • For some of us new parents out there a parenting class could really help us improve our ability to raise mature and responsible adults. Most places want to charge you a leg and an arm for a decent parenting class. To save you a few hundred dollars, here are some free online parenting classes for new parents.

  • What is a parenting class?

  • This parenting class coaches parents to raise their kids in a certain way that increases their chances of becoming successful formidable adults. A large majority of parents look over some of the critical lessons that will directly correlate to the level of success your child achieves when they become an adult.

  • How much does a co-parenting class cost?

  • Participants take a multiple-choice exam at the end to qualify for a certificate of completion. For court-approved parenting classes, Online Parenting Programs can help. A popular co-parenting course that is offered frequently costs $29.99.

  • Where can I find free parenting classes in Sonoma County?

  • Free online parenting classes website: The Child Parent Institute (formerly the California Parent Institute) runs this website designed to provide online parenting classes for those in Sonoma County. However, you can find resources to help you no matter where you are.

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