are parents allowed to take your phone

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  • Should parents check their children鈥檚 cell phones?

  • As responsible adults, we should ask ourselves if parents should check their children鈥檚 cell phones. After all, the written information, music and videos that out kids can access on their phones is infinite. It may seem clear that the only way to be sure of what our children are seeing is by accessing their cell phones.

  • Should you ever give your parents your phone?

  • And those instincts should not be ignored. Unless you’re in mega trouble and getting your phone privileges revoked, h ere are all the reasons you should NEVER give your parents your phone. 1. Your mom will double tap that Instagram you’re showing her.

  • Should parents take away cell phones as punishments?

  • A Pew Research Center report finds that 65 percent of parents take away cell phones or Internet privileges as punishment. But when today鈥檚 teens rely on their smartphones for their social life, their homework, and鈥攍et鈥檚 face it鈥攖heir ability to communicate with us, is it a valid punishment? Should parents take away cell phones?

  • Do kids want limits on cell phones?

  • We’ve all heard that kids (without realizing or seeming like it) do want limits, even on cell phones. Parents need to set and enforce limits they are comfortable with, and kids need to know at all times that although the cell phone may have cometh, the cell phone can be taken away.

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