are there parental controls on tiktok

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Family Pairing

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  • How do I Turn on parental controls on my kids鈥?TikTok?

  • Beyond turning on parental controls on your kids鈥?devices, there are a host of parental controls built right into the Tik Tok app itself. Here are some key controls to activate on your child鈥檚 devices. 1. Set age limits First up, if your tweens are begging for TikTok, let them know the app is only available to those 13 and older.

  • Is TikTok safe to use?

  • While all of these parental controls are a great way to make TikTok safer, the fact is kids and predators can and will find ways to work around them. That means even after you set Tik Tok parental controls, you must remain vigilant.

  • How can parents link their kids’TikTok accounts?

  • Parents then need to get their children (TikTok has an age limit of 13) to agree to have their accounts linked via Family Pairing. Once they’ve agreed, parents simply need to scan a QR code buried inside the Digital Wellbeing section of their kid鈥檚 TikTok account.

  • How do I block inappropriate content on TikTok?

  • To help filter out more mature content, you can turn on Restricted Mode within TikTok. To do so, go to Settings, tap Digital Wellbeing and then Restricted Mode. While that doesn鈥檛 mean anything inappropriate won鈥檛 slip through, it will help weed out some of the more mature content. 6. Control comments

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