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  • What does it mean to be a good parent?

  • Being able to give life to human beings with the person we love is a lot of people鈥檚 dreams. Being a good parent starts in our heads for most of us with all our wishes and plans we have for our unborn child. Most of us also enjoy preparing their room, buying their cribs and toys and also shopping for their clothes and having accessories.

  • Should parents be perfect example for their kids?

  • If a parent is quick tempered, uses language that is inappropriate, or reacts more by exaggerating the issues than children do the same. So, parents should be a perfect example for their kids and pass good traits to them.

  • Why do some parents expect their children to be something they don鈥檛?

  • Why some parents expect their children to be something they don鈥檛 desire to be; getting high grades, being good at sports and other co-curricular activities, or many other things are what make everyone individual and unique.

  • Is there such a thing as the perfect family?

  • Being a parent is always hard and those who manage to succeed should be awarded a medal! There’s no perfect family, as everyone has different views on motherhood, and what some like doesn’t fit others.

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