can a child call the police on their parents

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  • Should I call the police on my child?

  • By continuing to call the police you are also showing your child that you mean what you say. I understand that it鈥檚 just very difficult to raise a child with serious behavior problems. It鈥檚 a terrible situation for parents. But it鈥檚 important for parents to remember that these kids make their own choices.

  • Should you turn to the police to discipline your child?

  • It also shows that you need the police to serve as your backbone. Discipline gives children a sense of security. 1 锘匡豢 Children need to feel confident that you can keep the situation under control鈥攅ven when they can’t control themselves. Turning to the police might cause your child to lose respect for your authority.

  • When to call the police on a child for harassment?

  • This point is reached when you have a child who willfully violates the rules of your household and threatens you, other family members, or your property. If calling the police is a choice you鈥檙e ready and willing to make, then you should tell your child your intentions in a clear and direct manner.

  • Are You a prisoner of a threatening child?

  • I鈥檝e seen too many parents who live as prisoners in their own home鈥攑risoners of a threatening child. These parents are often the victim of their kids鈥?acting out issues, not the cause of them. That is why if your threatening child doesn鈥檛 respond to your authority, then you may need to bring in another authority, and that鈥檚 the police.

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