can a child recover from parental alienation

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Although children react differently, some children eventually reestablish a relationship with the estranged parent. But even if a child has gone through parental alienation,a good relationship with the children can be recovered and reestablishedand a family harmony can be re-lived, even if it is in separate houses.

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  • What happens to a child in a parental alienation case?

  • In mild alienation, a child may share a parent鈥檚 litany of complaints about the other parent but warms to that parent when they are together. In severe parental alienation, the child may refuse contact, express raw hatred of a formerly loved parent, and believe the parent is worthless.

  • How do I overcome parental alienation?

  • Overcoming more severe alienation usually requires legal intervention. The family court may place children who are alienated in the custody of the rejected parent and authorize that parent to get specialized help for the children, such as attending a Family Bridges workshop.

  • What is parental alienationsyndrome?

  • In response to personal rage and grievance, one parent sometimes tries to undermine a child鈥檚 love and affection for the other parent. Parental alienationsyndrome (PAS) is when one parent is targeted with a campaign of hatred by the other parent, who uses the child as a vehicle for his or her hostile agenda.

  • What percentage of alienated children reconcile?

  • It has been estimated that 95 percent of alienated children reconcile and only 5 percent do not. From clinical experience and anecdotal stories, there are similarities among the cases. Among these cases, the similarities suggest that four factors are important.

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