can a parent hold a child back a grade texas

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  • Can a child be held back a grade in high school?

  • Before the school year begins, parents of elementary and middle school-age kids can alert their campus officials that they wish to have their children held back a grade. High school students are allowed to repeat a course. Should school administration disagree with the parents鈥?choice, they must convene a committee for a hearing.

  • Can a parent force a child to retake a grade level?

  • Parents or guardians are required to notify the school district or charter school in writing if they elect for their child to retake a grade level or course. A school district or charter school may disagree with a parent who elects to have their child retake a grade level or course.

  • What is the Texas parents’Bill of Rights and responsibilities?

  • In 1995, I passed the Texas Parents’ Bill of Rights and Responsibilities to make sure that parents can participate in decisions made concerning their children in our public schools.

  • Should I Hold my child back in 3rd grade?

  • Holding a child back can work both ways. As a 3rd grade teacher, I have found that children who are held back feel bad about it initially, but develop tremendous self esteem when they find that they understand and are able to do the work in September. Children are resilient and make new friends quickly.

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