can an unmarried couple be foster parents

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  • Can a single person be a foster parent?

  • Both single persons and married couples are generally accepted as foster parents. However, some states don鈥檛 certify homes in which unmarried adults are living together unless they鈥檙e related.

  • What happens if you adopt a child as an unmarried couple?

  • If an unmarried couple jointly adopts a child, or if one partner legally adopts the biological child of the other, both parents are legal parents. This means both have equal legal responsibilities to raise and support the child.

  • Can a foster parent adopt a child?

  • Foster parents can adopt their foster children. However, foster parents have to be open to the possibility that a child they hope to adopt is ultimately returned to his or her birth family. Taking on the role of foster parent may just be the turning point in a young child’s life.

  • Can a child have a legal relationship with an unmarried partner?

  • Countless unmarried partners (same-sex or different-sex) are co-parenting a child or children, but frequently only one partner has a legal relationship to the child (ren). In many cases it would benefit the child (ren) to have a legal relationship to both parents.

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