can asthma be passed from parent to offspring

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Like attractive blue eyes and connected earlobes, scientists have found that asthmamay pass genetically from parents to offspring. They have discovered that a gene known as CHI3L1 has a protein called 131C or 131G and kids who inherit two copies of the faulty 131C variation have twice the chance of developing asthma than those without it.

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  • Is a tendency to develop asthma inherited?

  • The simple answer to this question is, YES, a tendency to develop asthma is inherited. If one of your biologic parents has or had asthma, then you are morely likely to develop asthma than if he or she did not have asthma. If both of your parents have asthma, you are even more likely to develop asthma…

  • Does asthma ever go away?

  • Sometimes the asthma goes away if the person stops working in the sawmill and sometimes it does not. Like many other diseases, asthma likely results in part from a tendency, present in one’s genes, toward developing the disease and in part from exposures that one encounters in the world around us: that is, part heredity, part environment.

  • What are the chances of asthma in identical twins?

  • For one thing, we know from studies of identical twins that if one twin has asthma, the chances of the other twin developing asthma is only 1 in 3, despite the fact that the inherited information in their genes is identical.

  • What is the main cause of asthma?

  • We do not know exactly what in our environment contributes to developing asthma in those with a genetic predisposition. It may involve breathed particles to which we are allergic, cigarette smoke or air pollution, viruses or other germs, or some combination of these and possibly other factors.

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