can custodial parent move to another state

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  • Can I move to another state with custody of my child?

  • Moving to another state when you have custody of your child can be a bit complicated. The law varies by state, but usually you鈥檒l need the other parent鈥檚 permission before you move.

  • Can a parent move a child without notifying the non custodial parent?

  • A parent must often acquire approval from the court that granted the original custody order before relocating a child to another county or state. Let鈥檚 say the custodial parent relocates the young child without notifying the non-custodial parent and against his or her desires.

  • What happens to my child if I move out of State?

  • They can have a court in the new state could then decide to give the other parent sole custody of the children. Furthermore, the other parent might convince a judge in the state you left behind to change custody.

  • Does a noncustodial parent give up visitation rights after relocating?

  • Unlike custodial parent restrictions, most states do not require a noncustodial parent to get approval from the court or the child’s other parent unless they wish to relocate with the child. But does a noncustodial parent give up visitation rights after relocating? In most cases, no.

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