can i get deceased parents medical records

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  • Can a family member get medical records from a deceased person?

  • Who Has Authority for the Request Generally, only immediate family or the executor of the estate has access to deceased’s medical records. Medical records do not belong to the estate, so the deceased’s personal representative cannot approve or deny a request for the records.

  • Can a next of kin see medical records after death?

  • Although medical records are protected information, even for deceased individuals, heirs may need to see them. Next-of-kin or certain representatives can request records.Requests may be needed for various reasons including autopsy of the deceased or medical history for other family members.

  • How do I obtain a copy of my parent’s medical records?

  • Work with the executor to contact your parent’s primary healthcare provider to request a copy of their records. Provide the documentation to prove your relationship with the deceased, and pay any fees that might be associated with getting a copy of the records.

  • How can I get a copy of a deceased persons records?

  • In practical terms, the easiest way to obtain the records is always for the Personal Representative to request them.

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