can i set parental controls on echo dot

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  • How to set parental controls on Amazon Echo and Echo Dot?

  • Through the Amazon Kids Parent Dashboard, one can set screen time limits, time of day limits, and more. How to enable other parental controls on Amazon Echo and Echo Dot (without purchasing Amazon Kids): In the Alexa app, tap the three, horizontal bars in the upper left corner.

  • How do I Turn on parental controls on my Alexa device?

  • On the Alexa smartphone app, tap Devices, Echo Alexa, and then the speaker you want to work with. Tap the cog icon (top right) to get to the device鈥檚 settings screen, and scroll down and choose Amazon Kids. Turn on the feature to set up parental controls.

  • How do I set up Amazon Kids on my Echo device?

  • Amazon Kids comes free for a month when you purchase an Echo and is then $2.99/month. Open the Alexa app on your iOS or Android device. Tap Devices in the lower, right corner. If you have device Groups set up, select the Group that contains the device where you want Amazon Kids to apply. Or, just tap 鈥淎ll Devices鈥?at the top.

  • What is Freetime on Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition?

  • Back in April, Amazon announced the new Echo Dot Kids Edition. Aside from Alexa having a more playful tone and simplified language, Amazon also packed in a much-needed feature for parents: FreeTime. At its core, FreeTime is parental control for Alexa and other devices, like Kindles, Fire tablets and Amazon services on Android and iOS devices.

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