can my parent be my driving instructor

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  • Should I Choose instructor taught or parent taught driver education?

  • Deciding between instructor taught and parent taught driver education usually comes down to convenience, budget and which options are available. You should also consider the parent/child relationship and how well you communicate. Some teen drivers and parents are more comfortable having a professional do the driving instruction.

  • Can a parent teach you how to drive?

  • Meet the parent instructor requirements. Even if your parent is not eligible to teach you how to drive and you can鈥檛 find a designated individual, that doesn鈥檛 mean you鈥檙e out of options. There are still excellent classroom and online drivers education programs available to you.

  • Can parents teach drivers ed in Texas without a license?

  • Parent Taught Drivers Ed Disqualifiers The Texas Department of Public Safety (Texas DPS) has certain rules about which adults are eligible to be parent instructors. Your parent or guardian may not be eligible to serve as your parent instructor if any of the following is true: They don鈥檛 currently hold a valid drivers license.

  • Is online drivers ed better than parent taught drivers education?

  • Taking online drivers ed may be more convenient for you because it allows you to access the course 24/7 and take it wherever you want. With Texas parent taught drivers education, you will not have to pay for driving school.

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