can parents remove you from health insurance

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  • What happens if you stay on your parents鈥?health insurance?

  • If you鈥檙e among the millions of young adults who have stayed on their parents鈥?health insurance plans, you鈥檒l need to find new coverage. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act lets a young person stay on a parent鈥檚 health plan up to age 26. Whether the coverage ends on your birthday or at the end of the policy year depends on the plan.

  • Do I have to be on my parents鈥?health insurance?

  • Federal law now requires insurers to give parents the option of keeping their adult children, up to age 26, on their health plan. An insurer can鈥檛 deny coverage based on: However, this federal law doesn鈥檛 require your parents to place or keep you on their health insurance plan. If you can鈥檛 go on your parents鈥?plan, coverage options include:

  • What to do if you鈥檙e kicked off a parent鈥檚 health insurance plan?

  • Here are health insurance options to explore when you鈥檙e kicked off a parent鈥檚 plan. If you have a job that offers health insurance, let your benefits administrator at work know you鈥檇 like to enroll in the health plan.

  • Is it time to take adult kids off the family health plan?

  • It might be time to take adult kids off the family health plan 1 Adult children can stay on a parent鈥檚 insurance plan through age 26, but that might not be the best option for care. 2 Here is what health insurance experts say to consider when choosing your first health insurance plan. More …

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