can the dentist tell your parents if you dip

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  • Can my dentist tell my parents about my dental condition?

  • However if you are a minor ( below the age of 18) the dentist is allowed to inform your parents. Under 18?: If you are under 18, then your dentist is obligated to discuss your dental health with your parents.

  • Can my dentist tell my parents I smoke?

  • If you are 42, your dentist cannot tell your parents without your permission. And yes, your dentist will be able to tell that you smoke. Dentist can tell: Your dentist can tell that you are a smoker. There are many signs that are evident in you teeth and mouth.

  • Can dentists tell if you’ve recently had oral sex?

  • According to a few recent TikToks that have gone viral, dentists can tell if you’ve recently given oral sex by looking for bruising on the soft palate called palatal petechiae.

  • How often do dentists see bumps on your teeth?

  • Mark Wolff, DDS, PhD, dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, tells Health that dentists see this periodically, although it’s not overly common. It can range from physical bruising to petechiae鈥攍ittle burst blood vessels from suction, he says.

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