can you get an abortion at 17 without parental consent

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While most state laws do not allow minors to obtainanabortionwithoutparentsknowing or consenting to the procedure, most states do allow these requirements to be waived by a judge. Except where noted, a judge may be able to excuse you from parentalconsentor notification requirements in any state.

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  • Can a minor get an abortion without parental consent?

  • Requires one parent be notified 24 hours before the abortion. A judge or doctor can excuse the minor from this requirement. Requires one parent, foster parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or sibling who is at least 25 years old give permission for the abortion.

  • Can I get an abortion if I am under 18?

  • Yes. If you are under 18 and want to get an abortion but cannot notify or get the consent from one parent or legal guardian, you can apply to get permission from a judge, instead. This is called a judicial bypass. It is entirely confidential鈥攜our parents will not be involved.

  • What states require parental consent for abortion?

  • Georgia: Requires one parent to be notified 24 hours before the abortion. Idaho: Requires permission from at least one parent. Illinois: Requires one parent, a stepparent living in the household or a grandparent to be notified 48 hours before the abortion. Indiana: Requires permission from one parent.

  • Should teens have to tell their parents when they get an abortion?

  • Thirty-seven states now require teens seeking abortions to notify their parents. Some require written parental consent, or even force parents to go with a daughter to her abortion. Anti-choice activists say these laws foster family communication. They insist parental consent legislation is about family values. The research suggests otherwise.

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