can your parents put you up for adoption

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  • Can a child put themselves up for adoption?

  • The child could be held in child services 鈥?with a foster family or care facility 鈥?until an adoptive family could be found. So the adoption process is mainly left up to adults, and the child has little say in actually putting themselves up for adoption.

  • Can I choose the adoptive parents for my child?

  • You can choose the adoptive parents for your child; American Adoptions works with many families who are willing and excited to adopt an older infant or toddler, and occasionally a child up to 4 years old You are entitled to free adoption services; your legal and counseling costs will always be covered for you

  • Can I adopt if I am under 18?

  • The difficult part about adoption if you are under the age of 18 is that parents have legal rights tied to you. So in considering an adoption, not only are the legal rights of a child to the parents being severed. The inverse is true as well. In every adoption, the parents鈥?rights to the child are severed.

  • Can you adopt a baby from an aunt or uncle?

  • One can also choose kinship adoption in which the adopted child is related biologically to their adoptive parents. The adoptive parents may be a cousin, an aunt or uncle, a grandparent, or even a sibling of the expectant parent. Most expectant parents who choose adoption choose either private domestic adoption or kinship adoption.

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