does a step parent have legal rights

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No legal rights

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  • What rights does a step-parent have?

  • As you are now married to the child鈥檚 biological father you are considered a step parent. However, as you will have read a step-parent doesn?t have any automatic legal rights in respect of their step-children.

  • When does a step parent become a legal parent?

  • Legally a step parent only becomes a step parent on marriage to one of the biological parents. As you will have read a step-parent does not automatically have any legal custody or parental responsibility rights.

  • Can a step-parent get custody of a step child?

  • Step- parents often want to keep seeing step-children, sometimes alongside any other children of the family. If arrangements cannot be agreed, step-parents can apply to the Court for a child arrangements order to spend time with their step children. Step-parents cannot acquire parental responsibility once they are divorced from the natural parent.

  • Do step-parents have parental responsibility?

  • Step-parents can acquire parental responsibility through a formal agreement or court order, in a similar way to unmarried fathers. However, step-parents will not have parental responsibility until each person who already has that responsibility, normally the natural parents, have signed the agreement.

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