how to co parenting with a toxic ex

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7 Tips for Healthy Co-Parenting When a Toxic Ex Is InvolvedAvoid speaking negatively about the other parent to the child. …Identify what Is most important to you as a parent. …Support communication between your child and ex-spouse. Recognize that your child needs to have ongoing access and communication with both parents. …Consider the other parent when making decisions about your child. Parents are encouraged to consider the other parent鈥檚 point of view whenever parental decisions need to be made.Learn to identify what triggers negative reactions from your ex. …Do not provide your child detailed reasons for your divorce. …Respect your children鈥檚 relationship with the other parent. Be encouraging and avoid interfering. Divorce is not only confusing for spouses but for children as well.

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  • How to co-parenting with a toxic ex?

  • Psychotherapists help you turn all the tips on co-parenting with a toxic ex into daily actions customized to your unique situation. Co-parenting with a toxic ex requires you to open many topics at once, and handle a lot of challenges at the same time.

  • What does it mean when a parent is a toxic parent?

  • Because a toxic parent is resentful of you and opposed to co-parenting, they often use a tactic called parental alienation. They do and say things to make the other parent look bad because they want to turn the kids against the other parent in order to damage that relationship and prevent closeness and bonding.

  • Is parallel parenting your only choice when your ex is toxic?

  • So when your ex happens to be toxic or narcissistic, parallel parenting is your only choice. This isn鈥檛 just semantics 鈥?this is a total philosophy change.

  • Is your relationship with your ex toxic?

  • In time, you may no longer feel that your relationship with your ex is toxic. Always consider your children when dealing with your ex. I interviewed several kids with divorced parents about what they wish their parents knew. Here is the advice I got from kids with single parents.

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