how to deal with senile parents

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  • How do you deal with an elderly parent who won鈥檛 change?

  • Accepting your parents for who they are 鈥?accepting the fact that they likely won鈥檛 change will go a long way in helping you to cope with their behavior. The truth of the matter is that it鈥檚 YOU (the caregiver) who has to change how you interact with your elderly loved one.

  • How do you deal with a person with senile dementia?

  • Be aware that a person with senile dementia may defend or deflect from this line of logical reasoning, arguing why it makes sense. Be very careful not to try to get into an argument at this point, as you will be unlikely to convince him or her, and agitate the person.

  • How do you deal with an aggressive elderly parent?

  • 鈥淭alk to a professional trained to help people struggling with aging parents, such as a geriatric care manager (now known as an aging life care professional) or a senior care adviser.鈥?Examine the behavior objectively. 鈥淲hen your parent or other loved one begins to act aggressively, consider if their actions are really a problem.

  • How to deal with an elderly parent who is stubborn?

  • 1 Talk to your parent from their perspective. 鈥淥ne of the most common reasons why an elderly loved one becomes stubborn is… 2 Remember that your parent is still your parent. 鈥淚magine your children treating you as a child. Would you react by… More …

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