how to file a complaint against a foster parent

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  • What happens if you make a complaint about a foster carer?

  • A complaint about a foster carer would not generally be treated as an allegation unless it related to physical, emotional or sexual abuse of the child. Complaints would normally be investigated under the fostering service鈥檚 complaints procedure.

  • How do I file a complaint against the Department of children?

  • Individuals can file a grievance by either completing the paper Grievance form and submitting it via mail or email or by completing the online Grievance form. This complaint process is only for parents, legal guardians or youth/children that have worked with the DHHS Division of Children and Family Services.

  • How to file a grievance with afpag as a foster parent?

  • The Foster Parent Handbook provides details on the Grievance Procedure and a list of issues that are covered in the grievance process. To assist with the grievance process, an AFPAG advocate can be contacted at 1-877-804-6610. Form80 Form82 Form84

  • What happens if a foster child is accused of abuse?

  • When carrying out an investigation into allegations of abuse against a foster child, the local authority has a legal duty to consider the welfare of any other children in the household 鈥?including your own children. This includes birth children, adopted children or children on Special Guardianship Orders or Residence Orders.

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