how to get deceased parents bank account

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To gain access to the bank account of a deceased parent or spouse,you鈥檒l need a few important pieces of documentation and the authority to act on behalf of the deceased鈥檚 estate. A caveat to this is if you have a joint account with the deceased.

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  • How do I claim money from my deceased parents’bank account?

  • You can claim the money by presenting the bank with your parents’ death certificates and proof of your identity. For more instruction, see our article on claiming money in a POD bank account.

  • What happens to a deceased person’s bank account?

  • If the account was held in the deceased’s sole name, then it should be easy to have the money transferred to the estate account the executor has opened to handle the estate bills and assets. Be aware that some accounts may be beneficiary or Payable on Death accounts.

  • How do I notify a bank of a death in the family?

  • Provide the account representative with the name of the deceased as well as the account number and explain that the account owner has died. Provide the bank representative with a certified copy of the death certificate and one form of your own government issued identification such as a passport or state issued ID card.

  • How do I find assets of a deceased person?

  • With a certified death certificate and accompanying probate court paperwork, go to local banks near the deceased’s residence. Request a search for assets at the bank. If you locate assets at a local bank, ask the account representative what documentation is required to access the funds.

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