how to go no contact with parents

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  • What does it mean to have no contact with your parents?

  • 鈥淣o contact鈥?means no communication or interaction whatsoever with the toxic parent or parents. Some adult children choose to bow out of the relationship with their parents temporarily until one or more ultimatums are fulfilled, and they feel safe restarting communications.

  • Should you go no-contact with a family member?

  • The decision to go no-contact with a family member is a deeply personal one. For some of us, healing the Mother Wound is possible while staying connected to your mother. In this scenario, the healing actually creates a new, deeper connection between mother and daughter, which is a beautiful thing to witness.

  • Why might you hesitate to break off contact with your parents?

  • Taking the decision to break off contact with your parents or family is a big one. Why might you hesitate to make this decision? It鈥檚 likely to trigger off enormous feelings of guilt and shame. As if you weren鈥檛 doing your duty. Or you were betraying your family.

  • Should I cut contact with my parents?

  • The reason for cutting contact is to give yourself some time and space to work on your issues; not to punish your parents for their bad behavior. If your parents no longer behave in ways that trigger you but you’re still angry about how they used to behave, then cutting contact may not even be necessary and could just cause unnecessary hurt.

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