how to handle elderly parents

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In dealing with difficult elderly parents, it is important toset boundaries. Make a plan before you attempt to go to the destination. Establish ground rules and adhere to them

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  • How do you deal with difficult aging parents?

  • The first tip and most important tip to dealing with difficult aging parents is to put yourself first. Here is a checklist of the 101 things you wish you knew before caregiving. This list is for dementia caregivers, but, as I looked over it, this is a list that all family caregivers should read. It is enlightening.

  • How to deal with an elderly parent who is needy and demanding?

  • To deal with an elderly parent who is needy and demanding, you must start by prioritizing yourself. Caregiving can easily become a full-time job if you are not careful, so it is important to curve some time to take care of your own needs or you will succumb to caregiver burnout.

  • How to be a good caregiver for elderly parents?

  • Ultimately, being a caregiver for elderly parents is a marathon, not a sprint. To avoid burning out from your caregiving responsibilities, keep an eye on your own feelings and take a break from caregiving when it gets to be too much.

  • How to deal with irrational elderly parents?

  • Most family caregivers are at a loss how to deal with irrational elderly parents. Regardless of the underlying cause for a loved one鈥檚 demanding nature, setting boundaries is essential. Determine how much negativity is excusable because of the circumstances versus when this behavior becomes unhealthy manipulation for everyone involved.

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