how to help a hoarder parent

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How To Help Elderly Parents With HoardingStart cleanup with small steps. Take one room at a timeLet your elderly parent have a say in what stays and what goes,but don鈥檛 keep everythingProvide emotional supportNever blindly throw things away 鈥?this could cause a serious rift between you and your parentAsk for professional help if your parent wants to change,but can鈥檛. Discovering an elderly parent is a hoarder can be a tough pill to swallow. …

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  • How do you deal with hoarding parents?

  • Here are some strategies to help you approach your parents about their hoarding habits: It is important to talk with your parent (s). Screaming and complaining are not effective; instead have a calm, civil conversation with them. Express how you feel in an honest but polite manner.

  • How does hoarding affect children?

  • If the individual with hoarding behavior has children, their children will feel the impact of the parent鈥檚 habits and household conditions. Children may be residing under their parents鈥?roof and trying to cope with hoarding conditions. Living with an individual who is hoarding can be difficult.

  • What is mild hoarding and how to deal with it?

  • Mild hoarding is usually easier to deal with, but it may escalate to more severe hoarding if left unchecked. That is why it is important to seek professional help as soon as possible. Hoarding can be divided into five levels of severity. These first two levels reflect minimal severity. The first level indicates no hoarding tendencies.

  • Is it dangerous for my parents to hoard?

  • Allowing your parents to continue to live this way may be hazardous to their health. Level four hoarding involves structural damage to the house, such as damaged walls and mold problems. The person may have too many pets. Health hazards like rotting food, pest infestations, and pet feces are present.

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