how to hide makeup from parents

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  • How to convince your parents to let you wear makeup?

  • Don鈥檛 start the makeup conversation when your parents are busy or in a bad mood. Wait until they鈥檙e in an open, approachable mood to bring up your desire to start wearing makeup. Make sure they have the time to have a long conversation with you at the time.

  • How to hide stuff from your parents?

  • Get a friend鈥檚 help. Hide something at a friend鈥檚 house if they have more space to spare, or there is no danger of getting them in trouble for doing so. For example, if your parents frown on junk food or soda, a friend鈥檚 place makes the perfect stash spot. Make sure your stuff gets hidden properly or marked appropriately as yours.

  • How can I hide my new hair color from my parents?

  • If you have dyed your hair you will need to keep it hidden. By covering up your new hair color you can help avoid or at least delay getting caught by your parents. Try wearing some of your favorite hats, hooded sweatshirts, or bandannas to keep your newly dyed hair a secret.

  • How do I Stop my parents from judging me by makeup?

  • Try not to use eyeshadow. Use a light stainer on your lips, and maybe apply a clear strawberry gloss on top of it. Make sure not to overdo it or miss a single day. Thanks! What do I do if I’m trying to apply makeup without my parents noticing and they notice?

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