how to persuade your parents to get you robux

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  • How can I convince my parents to buy me an Xbox?

  • Consider what your parents usually get you for holidays, and do not ask too much for the circumstance. Your parents might find it insulting if you ask for an Xbox for Valentine’s Day. Be on your best behavior to show you deserve it. Consistently do your homework, do all your chores, and take your studies seriously to get the best grades you can.

  • How can I convince my parents to get me something?

  • To convince your parents to get you something, wait for a time when they鈥檙e in a good mood and not stressed or busy to increase their chances of saying yes. If you plan ahead, you can also make sure you do all your chores and behave well so they鈥檒l be more likely to reward you.

  • How can I convince my parents to get me an after-school tutor?

  • If you do a satisfactory job after the first month, your parents have to get you what you want. Many parents want their kids to succeed in school. If there is a subject you are bad at, offer to improve your grades. Getting an after school tutor will show your parents your dedication. Consider paying for part of it yourself.

  • How to ask your parents to buy you something you want?

  • When you bring up the conversation, make some small talk about the thing you want before you ask for it. For example, if you want a new video game, tell your parents about all the cool new features and how good its reviews are. If your parents won鈥檛 buy it for you, try offering to do some extra chores or paying for some of it with your own money.

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