how to persuade your parents to get you robux

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  • How can I convince my parents to buy me an Xbox?

  • Consider what your parents usually get you for holidays, and do not ask too much for the circumstance. Your parents might find it insulting if you ask for an Xbox for Valentine’s Day. Be on your best behavior to show you deserve it. Consistently do your homework, do all your chores, and take your studies seriously to get the best grades you can.

  • How do you convince your parents to buy something for You?

  • You can start big requests by asking for a delayed response. If you need to convince your parents of something major, like a long trip or a really expensive item, your best bet is to give them time. Just before you ask them, tell them that they can take their time to think about it before they respond.

  • How do you get your parents to do something for You?

  • Get on your parents鈥?good side before you approach them. Do some chores in the morning and offer to help them out with something. Find ways you can be helpful so they鈥檙e already happy with you and may be more likely to agree to something when you ask them.

  • How can I convince my parents to get me an after-school tutor?

  • If you do a satisfactory job after the first month, your parents have to get you what you want. Many parents want their kids to succeed in school. If there is a subject you are bad at, offer to improve your grades. Getting an after school tutor will show your parents your dedication. Consider paying for part of it yourself.

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