how to prove a parent unfit in west virginia

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  • What are the adoption laws in West Virginia?

  • For an adoption to go forward, West Virginia law requires that both the birth mother and father consent to the adoption unless a Judge cut off their rights or they abandoned the child. If a Judge cut off the rights of one parent or one parent abandoned the child, then only the other parent needs to consent

  • Can a parent terminate parental rights in West Virginia?

  • One parent may not terminate the other parent鈥檚 parental rights in order to end parenting time or for other reasons. In West Virginia, a person鈥檚 parental rights can only be terminated in a court case. A court can terminate a parent鈥檚 parental rights in these two types of cases: Adoption.

  • How can I prove an unfit parent in court?

  • Coming up with evidence to prove an unfit parent may not be that difficult as we live in a digital age. Parents can use photos, videos, and even comments on social media in court to help prove an unfit parent. Have questions or want more information?

  • What is considered child abandonment in West Virginia?

  • Abandonment is when a birth parent acts, for six months or longer, as if they will not care for the child. West Virginia law says that: 1. Does not support the child financially and 2. does not visit or stay in touch with the child.

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