how to support partner whose parent is dying

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  • How can I help my friend cope with her parent’s death?

  • If you鈥檝e experienced the death of a parent, you may be able to help your friend cope with the stress of dealing with her parent鈥檚 loss by sharing what you’ve gone through. Not everyone understands how it feels to have lost a parent.

  • Should I support my boyfriend after my parent鈥檚 death?

  • Supporting your boyfriend may feel awkward and uncomfortable, but it鈥檚 important to look past your own pain so you can be there for your boyfriend. No matter how old you are, a parent鈥檚 death is one of the biggest and most devastating losses in life.

  • Why do we offer support when a loved one dies?

  • The process of dying is not usually something experienced alone. A death often touches many lives. And it is a natural instinct to want to offer the dying support. As someone who is important to your loved one, without being asked you have been given a leading role in this final play.

  • How to help your partner deal with the loss of a parent?

  • When helping a partner deal with the loss of a parent, Guarnotta recommends educating yourself on the stages of grief mode developed by psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. 鈥淧eople may go through one, several, or all of these stages and there is no specific order,鈥?she says.

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