is cancer hereditary from parents or grandparents

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Hereditydescribes the passing of DNA (genetic information) from parentto child. Although many people have a family member with a history of cancer, the vast majority of cancersare not due to heredity. Most cancersoccur by random chance, often the result of environmental conditions or lifestyle choices, or just normal aging.

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  • Can cancer be inherited from parents?

  • Some faulty genes that increase the risk of cancer can be passed on from parent to child. These are called inherited cancer genes. This occurs when there is a fault in the genes in an egg or sperm cell at the time of conception. These faults on the initial sperm or egg cell are copied into every single cell in the body.

  • Is there a family history of cancer?

  • A family history of cancer. In families with an inherited faulty gene there may be a pattern of specific types of cancer running in the family. Most people who have relatives with cancer will not have inherited a faulty gene. Cancer mostly occurs in older people.

  • What are some examples of inherited cancer?

  • Breast cancer, for example, is most well known among inherited cancer diseases. Mutations on the BRCA genes are often passed from parent to child, increasing the risk of various types of cancer, including breast, ovarian, prostate and pancreatic cancer.

  • Why do people in the same family get cancer?

  • Reality: Sometimes, people in the same family get cancer because they share behaviors that raise their risk. Not because they share genes. Behaviors that increase risk of cancer include smoking, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of exercise.

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