is it legal for your parents to hit you

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  • Is it legal to hit your kids?

  • Hitting your children is a sensitive moral topic for many parents, but it is worth discussing whether it is even legal. There is no federal law generally governing how parents must conduct themselves with regard to their children, which leaves most of the legal guidance on striking your kids with the states. So is it legal to hit your kids?

  • Is it okay for someone to hit You?

  • It’s never okay for someone to hit you, especially the people who are supposed to look after you like a parent or carer. There is nothing you can say or do to make it okay to hurt you and it’s not your fault if someone does. If someone punches another person, then this is assault.

  • Is it illegal to smack your child?

  • The practice is still legal – unless unreasonable force is used Credit: Alamy Is it illegal to smack your children and what is the law? It is legal for a carer or parent to smack their own child to what amounts to reasonable punishment according to section 58 of the Children Act 2004.

  • Can a parent be charged for actual bodily harm?

  • For even more serious injuries – resulting in cuts, multiple bruising, fractures, broken bones, broken teeth or loss of conscious – a parent could be charged under Actual Bodily Harm. Has Scotland banned smacking children? Yes, Scotland has banned smacking children.

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