is it legal for your parents to hit you

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  • Is it illegal for a parent to hit their child?

  • Hitting your child isn’t illegal either, only if it crosses the line over to abuse. Spankings aren’t abuse. My parents threatened me all the time, haha! And spanked me sometimes… I turned out fine and I wasn’t traumatized by any of it at all. He’s probably just speaking in anger anyway, since he hasn’t actually hit you. Is this still revelant?

  • Is it illegal for my dad to threaten to hit me?

  • It shouldn’t be with a lot of force. But its not illegal to threaten to hit your child, but it can be if you are older than 18 and your parent hits you, best if you don’t live with your parent or you may lose a case. No it’s not illegal to threaten with it, that’s him parenting you, discipline.

  • Is it illegal for a nanny to hit a child?

  • It is illegal for teachers, nursery workers and workers in other education settings to hit children in their care 鈥?ever. It is illegal for a privately employed babysitter or nanny to smack a child in their care, unless the parent has given specific permission. There is NO legal justification for hitting your child.

  • Is it illegal for a parent to discipline their child?

  • It is not illegal for a parent to discipline their child. It is not illegal to hit your child. It is illegal to excessively hit/cause extensive bruising/broken bones thus taking the child out of commission, as it were.

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