is it okay for parents to physically discipline their child

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The main goal as a parent or guardian is to want their child to behave accordingly, and if you know that physically beating for that reason isfine. But one must not overstep their boundaries, physically discipline can also lead to child abuse (Neifert 14. 6). These things can get tide up in the law and you may be just battling for your child.

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  • Is physical discipline harmful to children?

  • Physical discipline is harmful and ineffective. A new APA resolution cites evidence that physical punishment can cause lasting harm for children.

  • Should psychologists tell parents how to discipline their children?

  • Some psychologists feel that it鈥檚 not their place to tell parents how to discipline their children, Rodriguez says. But it is long past opinion that physical discipline makes things worse, she says. It is incumbent on psychologists to take the opportunity to discuss the facts and share what we know.

  • Is it legal for a parent to use force to discipline?

  • Because state legislatures have recognized that not all instances of a parent using force to discipline a child are illegal, judges, juries, law enforcement, and state agencies will continue to be called upon to determine whether acts amount to acceptable parental discipline or domestic abuse.

  • What is the right age to discipline a child?

  • I can conclude that disciplining can be a tool to help children, but it must be enforced by the parent or guardian. For Question #3, out of a possible 33 people; 16 people said that there is no real starting age for a child to be disciplined. The remaining persons said that discipline comes at about 3 years of age.

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