is it okay for parents to physically discipline their child

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  • Is physical discipline harmful to children?

  • Physical discipline is harmful and ineffective. A new APA resolution cites evidence that physical punishment can cause lasting harm for children.

  • Should psychologists tell parents how to discipline their children?

  • Some psychologists feel that it鈥檚 not their place to tell parents how to discipline their children, Rodriguez says. But it is long past opinion that physical discipline makes things worse, she says. It is incumbent on psychologists to take the opportunity to discuss the facts and share what we know.

  • Should parents reject all physical discipline?

  • The APA resolution is clear that any perceived short-term benefits from physical discipline do not outweigh the potential detriments. By adopting the resolution, APA joins a number of professional and public health organizations in recommending that parents reject all physical discipline.

  • When should a child stop being physically disciplined?

  • I can conclude that children should stop being physically disciplined when they know right from wrong and they do not engage in wrongful activities or anything that would cause them to be physically disciplined. In conclusion, it is with this information that has been given that I feel that physical discipline should be used.

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