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  • What do parents need to know about me before you?

  • What parents need to know. Parents need to know that Me Before You is a romantic drama based on Jojo Moyes’ moving novel about a young woman ( Emilia Clarke) in a tiny English town who takes the job of caring for an unhappy man ( Sam Claflin) left paralyzed after being hit by a motorcycle.

  • What is the plot of me before you?

  • Me Before You tells the story of a man and a woman in a small British town: One is confined there, and one has confined herself there. Readers might think they’re getting into a romance, but instead they find themselves enmeshed in a beautiful, emotional, and suspenseful novel.

  • Is Me Before you a good book?

  • Me Before You will move many readers to tears, but not in an overly manipulative way. In addition to the humor and emotion in the book, the suspense is gripping. Moyes doesn’t telegraph the ending at all, which will have most readers on the edge of their seat.

  • What inspired you to write me before you?

  • Moyes was inspired to write Me Before You because of her experience taking care of a family member struggling with a progressive disease that greatly reduced quality of life.

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