must haves for new parents

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  • What are the must haves in a baby nursery?

  • The nice-to-haves: 1 Changing table 2 Bassinet (though it’s only safe until 3 months or 15 pounds) 3 Rocking chair or glider 4 Humidifier or vaporizer 5 Dresser/chest 6 Hamper 7 Baby monitor, if you have a big house

  • What are the must have baby products for first-time parents?

  • Baby product must-haves: A list for first-time parents 1 Baby gear. Baby carrier: Wearing your baby in a carrier or sling means your little one gets to snuggle close to you, and you’ll have two free hands to do … 2 Sleeping. Crib and crib mattress: Many new parents don’t use a crib right away. … 3 Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. …

  • What do you really need for baby?

  • Try to keep in mind that all you really need for baby is diapers, a place for him to sleep, and a blanket to bundle him in. But we know you’re not living in the Stone Age. You need and deserve the accessories that will make your job as parent a whole lot easier. We’ve listed those as necessities..

  • Do you forget the needs of the parents of the baby?

  • When a new baby joins the world, it is easy to shower that cute little one with love and gifts. After all, what could be more special than a baby? But with all this attention focused on the newborn, often we forget the parents’ needs.

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