should i be a foster parent quiz

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  • What should I consider when thinking about foster care?

  • It’s important to consider every member of your family when thinking about fostering a child. Everyone in the house will be living and interacting with the foster child and his behaviors. Your children will have to share their home, room, toys, and parents. They sacrifice a lot in becoming part of a foster family.

  • What is it like to be a foster parent?

  • The children can be angry, resentful and sad. They may take it out on their foster parents, usually the foster mother. This is harder than it seems, especially when you are being kicked or cussed out.

  • Why do people enter into foster care?

  • Many people enter into foster care thinking that they are rescuing a poor child from an abusive parent. These foster parents believe that the child will be grateful and relieved to be out of their home situation. This is rarely the case. Abuse is all that the child may know.

  • Is it possible to have permanent foster care?

  • Foster care is not a permanent arrangement. The children will move on someday. Permanency is what you want for them. However, you and your family will attach to this child, so don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise. Attachment is a good thing, for both you and the child.

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