should i be a foster parent quiz

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  • Is foster parenting right for You?

  • If you are not willing to provide that love or if the children are not your number one priority, than foster parenting might not be for you. This is perhaps the most common concern people have about becoming a foster parent.

  • Is now a good time to become a foster parent?

  • There may never be a great time to become a foster parent. Then again, it is never a great time for a child to become a foster child either, but they don鈥檛 get to decide. The children are there and waiting now. What If I Choose Not To Be A Foster Parent?

  • Why do some families choose to foster?

  • Some families have children already and want to open their home to more children. Some foster parents are open to adopting the children if needed and some families continue to foster many children for years and years.

  • What should I expect when my child comes into foster care?

  • Anyway, expect kids to not be 鈥渢he right size鈥?when they come into care. Along that same line, pick up clothes after your kid comes into your home. A dear friend who runs a volunteer foster closet brought 2 huge bags of clothes for a typically sized 8 and 9-year-old.

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