what becoming a parent does to your happiness

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The researchers reported that parents arehappier when taking care of their children than while doing other daily activities鈥攁nd that fathers in particular expressed greater levels of happiness, positive emotion and meaning in life than their childless peers, and that older and married parents tend to be significantly happier than their age-matched non-parent peers.

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  • Does being a parent really make you happier?

  • Does Being a Parent Really Make You Happier? What the studies actually reveal about moms and, especially, dads. Research published in January 2013 issue of Psychological Science appeared to demonstrate for the first time in a long time that parenting really is associated with more happiness and meaning in life.

  • Does raising children make people happier?

  • Basically, the conclusion amounts to this: If it didn鈥檛 cost anything and take any extra time to raise children, then raising children would add significantly to people鈥檚 life satisfaction. It is not clear, however, that controlling for these factors gives us any insight into the life satisfaction of parents.

  • Does parental adulthood improve life satisfaction?

  • On the basis of the findings, published in the April 2014 Issue of the J ournal of Marriage and Family, Pollmann-Schult argued that 鈥減arenthood by itself has a substantial and enduring positive effect on life satisfaction.鈥?This conclusion, however, cannot be taken at face value.

  • Do single parents have better life satisfaction than non-parents?

  • The reported data revealed that non-single parents and non-parents reported similar levels of life satisfaction throughout the observation period, whereas single parents reported less life satisfaction than non-parents.

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