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  • How old is Red Gerard?

  • Red Gerard was born on 29 June 2000 and his birthplace is Rocky River, Ohio, United States. He is also a 2018 Winter Olympics gold medalist of the 2018 United States Olympic team. He competed in slopestyle and major aerial events for the United States at the 2018 Winter Olympics. He gained lots of popularity in his life.

  • Who is Red Gerard鈥檚 sister?

  • Redmond 鈥淩ed鈥?Gerard was born in Rocky River, Ohio, near Cleveland, and is the sixth of seven siblings, according to NBC Sports. Brendan, Creighton, Malachi and Trevor 鈥?and two sisters, Tieghan and Asher, who is the youngest. He first began snowboarding when he was 2.

  • Is Red Gerard鈥檚 family in the Olympics?

  • The Olympian鈥檚 family has been on the slopes with him since the very beginning. Snowboarder Redmond 鈥淩ed鈥?Gerard had an amazing showing at the 2018 Olympics in PeongChang. He was just 17 years old at the time and yet managed to win a gold medal in slopestyle, making him the first American to win gold that the Winter Games that year.

  • Why did Red Gerard鈥檚 parents move to Colorado?

  • Red Gerard鈥檚 family had a blast at the Olympics. Red鈥檚 parents Conrad and Jen moved their family to Colorado in an effort to spend more time outdoors, but also because mom Jen was having what she called 鈥渁 midlife crisis鈥?in an interview with TIME.

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