what do simone biles’ parents do for a living

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  • Do Simone Biles鈥?parents have any other children?

  • Do Simone Biles鈥?parents have any other children? Yes. Nellie Cayetano Biles and Ronald Biles also adopted Simone鈥檚 sister Adria when she was just 6 years old. The couple also has two older sons, Ron Jr. and Adam. What do Simone Biles鈥?parents do for a living?

  • Who are Simone Biles’parents Nellie and Ron Biles?

  • The pair adopted Biles in 2003 after she had spent time in foster care due to her mother Shannon being unable to care for her and her siblings. Nellie and Ron officially adopted Biles and her younger sister Adria. Ron’s sister, Shanon’s aunt Harriet, adopted the two oldest children.

  • Where was Simone Biles raised?

  • Updated: 14:12 ET, Jun 23 2021 OLYMPIC gymnast Simone Biles was raised in Spring, Texas with her siblings and parents Nellie and Ronald Biles. Biles was adopted after spending time in foster care as a toddler. 4

  • How did Simone Biles overcome adversity?

  • To get to where she is, Simone had to overcome adversity in her personal life. Her parents, Ron and Nellie Biles, played a crucial role in offering Simone the platform she needed to succeed. This piece will look at Simone鈥檚 adoption by her parents, Nellie鈥檚 role in Simone鈥檚 career, and Simone鈥檚 relationship with her biological mom.

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