what happens to disabled adults when their parents die

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  • What happens to an adult when their parents die?

  • Often, the death of parents brings an end to a period of intensive caregiving, freeing up time and emotional energy for an adult child to attend to his or her own needs. And with their parents gone, many adults keenly sense that they are 鈥渘ext in line鈥?for decline, disability and demise.

  • What happens to a disabled person when their caregiver dies?

  • Worst case, a neighbor knocks on the door and finds a person with a disability living with their deceased caregiver and the house is full of trash and they鈥檙e running out of food. If that happens, the person might end up being placed through Adult Protective Services into a temporary setting like a homeless shelter, nursing home, or foster home.

  • Should you cultivate death benefits for your parents?

  • 鈥淪ometimes people incorporate the good parts of their parents in ways that are very constructive for self-growth.鈥?But Safer and Umberson each argue that adult children would do better to be deliberate about cultivating death benefits, both before parents die and after their passing.

  • Why do people with disabilities live longer than before?

  • With medical, technological and public health advances, people with disabilities are living longer than before, Parish said. And with family size shrinking over the years, fewer siblings are around to assume care of their brother or sister as their parents age.

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