what happens to elsa and anna’s parents

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Posted by many different fans, the theory says Annaand Elsa鈥?strong>sparents, who the audience is told died in a shipwreck at sea during the beginning of the movie, actually survived and washed up on a jungle island, where they had a child鈥攁 baby boy鈥攂ut were later killed by a jaguar.

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  • What happened to Anna and Elsa鈥檚 parents in frozen?

  • In Frozen, Anna and Elsa鈥檚 parents die when the sisters are still teenagers; in fact, their exact age has been revealed by Frozen 鈥檚 director and the movie itself. Near the beginning of Frozen, Elsa and Anna鈥檚 parents, Queen Iduna and King Agnarr, leave on a voyage for an unspecified reason, saying that they鈥檒l be back in two weeks.

  • What is the main plot of Anna and Elsa?

  • By the time the main plot of the movie begins, Anna and Elsa have become isolated from the world and each other, struggling to cope with the loss of both parents at such a young age.

  • Are Elsa and Anna’s parents Tarzan’s parents?

  • This ties into other fan theories that came out after Frozen ‘s release. One such theory speculates that Elsa and Anna’s parents might also be Tarzan’s parents. While the man and woman in Tarzan don’t really look like King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, Tarzan’s parents did end up stranded following a shipwreck.

  • Do Elsa’s parents know where her powers come from?

  • And unfortunately, it seems like the two people who know the most about Elsa’s powers and where they come from, her parents, are very much MIA. As previously mentioned, Anna and Elsa finding Agnarr and Iduna very much alive and not the victims of a shipwreck would be key to figuring out Elsa’s powers.

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