what is a good parent

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A good parent issomeone who strives to make decisions in the best interest of the child. What makes a great parent isn鈥檛 only defined by the parent鈥檚 action,but also their intention. A good parent doesn鈥檛 have to be perfect.

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  • What is good parenting?

  • As a parent, know that you are important. You are an asset in your children鈥檚 lives, helping them develop character. Good parenting is a skillset that can be nurtured and honed; it isn鈥檛 something some parents can do while other parents can鈥檛. Driven by love and purpose, all parents can practice good parenting.

  • Is there a perfect way to be a parent?

  • There is no perfect way to parent, but by striving to embody these qualities, good parents can make a huge positive impact on their children鈥檚 lives. What are some parenting tips?

  • What is healthy parenting and why is it important?

  • Healthy parenting means nurturing the whole child, attending to physical, mental, social, emotional, and intellectual needs. A definition of good parenting acknowledges that parenting is both an art and a skill.

  • Is being a 鈥済ood enough鈥?parent?

  • Being a 鈥済ood enough鈥?parent, many experts suggest, is sufficient to raise children who are decent and loving, confident enough to pursue their interests, and able to fail. Is parenting primarily about being in control?

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