what is the parent company of kia

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  • Is Hyundai the parent company of Kia?

  • Today, Hyundai operates Kia as part of the Hyundai Motor Group. In that sense, Hyundai is the parent company of Kia, as they鈥檙e the larger organization. However, while Hyundai initially purchased Kia by buying 51% of its shares, today it only owns one-third of the company.

  • Who came first KIA or Hyundai?

  • However, Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company began in 1947, according to the Hyundai Motor Company Wikipedia. Hyundai Motor Company wasn鈥檛 founded until quite a bit later in 1968. So Kia definitely came first.

  • Where is the headquarters of Kia Motors Europe?

  • Kia Motors Europe (KME) is the European sales, marketing and service division of Kia Motors Corporation (KMC), based in Seoul, South Korea. With its purpose-built headquarters located in the heart of Frankfurt, Germany, KME鈥檚 staff is efficiently run and highly motivated.

  • Did you know these Kia facts you should know?

  • Here are some facts about the company that you may not have known. Kia is a part of the Hyundai Motor Group that also has the Hyundai and Genesis brands of passenger cars in its portfolio. Together they are now the world鈥檚 4th largest car manufacturer behind Volkswagen, Toyota and General Motors.

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