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  • What happens during a CPS interview with a child?

  • CPS is in the business of helping children, not harming them. They do everything they can to make children feel more safe. If a child finds the interview too distressing, the CPS worker may end the interview for that child鈥檚 sake. Most of the time, though, children have very little emotional reaction to an interview and express no distress at all.

  • Can CPS see my child before they talk to me?

  • The simple answer is yes. The longer answer is CPS will usually attempt to see your child before they talk to you. There is a simple reason for this: Workers want to talk to the child before a parent or foster parent has the chance to tell them what to say (at best) or threaten the child with consequences of disclosing abuse (at worst).

  • What do you need to know before filing a CPS report?

  • What CPS Must Consider Before It Registers a Report 1 Identity and Location: Can CPS identify and locate the child and family being reported? 2 Age of Child: Depending on state law, CPS usually only investigates cases of children under 18 years old. 3 Jurisdiction: Does CPS have jurisdiction? … More items…

  • What kind of questions should I Ask my Child about family?

  • Asking who resides in the home 鈥?Child鈥檚 relationship with and feelings toward the parents or caregivers and siblings 鈥?Child鈥檚 perception of the relationships among others in the household 鈥?Child鈥檚 perception of how family problems are addressed and how the family communicates 鈥?Siblings鈥?characteristics, behaviors, and feelings 鈥?/div>Initial Assessment or Investigation – Child Welfare

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